People Ready Solutions

Power Facilities

Power supply

  • The 2 main power feeds have a capacity (full load) of 4,5 MWatt
  • The electricity supplier Electrabel provides the power by 2 independent circuits of 230V AC.
  • EG Top receives continuous power through a minimum of 230V AC, 48V DC, redundant power supply, UPS with battery and back-up generator.
  • The tests are completed on a monthly basis (during the night). The results of all the generator tests, monthly without load and every 6 months with full load are on paper-result-form kept at all times at the collocation.

Power recovery

The colocation space supports protected services such as: redundant power supplies, battery and back-up

UPS back-up
- N + N
- Switches in about 20 seconds, in the case of power failure
- Type Socomec (different model types depending of time of installation)
- 4 x 400KVA +1 x 800KVA => A-Feed and 4 x 400KVA +1 x 800KVA=> B-Feed

Back-up Diesel Generators
- 825 KVA each, with a capacity for 24 hours
- N +1

Battery back-up
- 48 volt direct current (VDC), with an autonomy of 20min
- A-feed + B-feed

Network is powered by a 200 KVA MGE UPS with an autonomy of 1 hour
- The tests are completed on a 3-monthly basis (during the night)